CofEQ Parishioners' List

 Some of the CofEQ  Parishioners' Answers to the Eternal Question
listed in current order of preference by the Ecumenical Council. discover the properties of piezo-electric quartz in order  to oscillate in harmony with the rest  of the cosmos.
Proposed by:  R Daltry

I do not think we are here. We just like to pretend we are.
Proposed by:  Nancy Winfield find allies to assist us in switching between realities.
Proposed by:  carlitos

Alive or dead it matters not, our purpose as the ultimate pleasure domes for micro-organisms is obvious.
Proposed by:  C. Grove laugh a lot, and cause laughter among as many others as possible.
Proposed by:  Bryan and Sue eat beans and produce flatulence so that the clouds can move about.
Proposed by:  Brother Branwell exist now for a short time so as to not exist for an even longer time.
Proposed by:  karola fz collect the hairs that we wax from our legs to make a mat so that the cat can sleep on it.
Proposed by:  mark

What is is. What maybe maybe
Proposed by:  Howard Male

.....because we're here because we're here because...
Proposed by:  Ian Woolf produce steam from our urine in order to send secret smoke codes to the Elvis beings on the planet Vegas.
Proposed by:  BB ask stupid questions about what the purpose of life is.
Proposed by:  Trevor Martin eat whilst sitting upon a latrine.
Proposed by:  Brecft


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