The CofEQ produces a modest range of entirely original multi-media material in the form of:

Music CDs                  Presentational Video CDs

and short run Literary Publications.

The detailed product list is as follows:


Bargain Price
(limited period)

Video CDs
(in ".mpeg" format - requires a computer)

Brainfood Theatre Company "Thots" - deluxe double CD £8.00
The Very Reverend Deacon Martin  "On Tour" - deluxe CD £4.00
Brainfood Theatre Company "The Light Lectures" - deluxe CD £6.00

Audio CDs

The Very Reverend Deacon Martin  "Sings Country" - deluxe CD £6.00


 plus £2 post & packing*


CofEQ Prayer Book 1.3 £2.50
CofEQ Introductory Leaflet £1.00
"Political Will" - the abbreviated History of England £2.00
"Help Is Never On The Way" £3.00

plus £1 post & packing*

  * please note these are UK prices.  For overseas shipping prices, please enquire.

Live Acts & Ceremonies

Deacon Martin & the Watchmen (3 piece band) £499.00
Infant Welcome Ceremony £99.00
Marriage Ceremony £99.00
Funeral Ceremony £99.00
Individual Personal Counselling Sessions  
(wicked city women only)

£40.00 per hour


all plus expenses.

In the pipeline (coming soon):

"Lessons for Living"
"The Frequency of Events"

"The Book of Particles"
"The Book of Rivers"
"Recipes for Living"
"The History of Human Civilisation"

Audio CDs
Deacon Martin's Favourite Skank Tracks"
"Deacon Martin's Magic Moments"

Video CDs
"The History of Human Civilisation"


To order, please email with your contact details.