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As close to the ultimate explanation
as you’re ever likely to get
this side of eternity.....

Presented by:

The Very Reverend Deacon Martin
"the man they couldn’t corrupt


Sister Ecumaniacal


Erroneous Monk


the Sisters of Enquiry


the Brothers of Investigation


Pastor Knack


Bishop Pricque


.........and a host of others


Directed by:

Paul Frecknall

Written by:

Henrison M Strube

".....a seminal stage piece."
- Ecclesiastical Times

" explosion of clarity."
- Watch Tower (all along the...)

".....a triumph of pattern recognition."
- Awake

"......didn’t understand a word of it."
- Emmerson Fittipaldi

.......coming soon to a theatre near you.
Watch this space.
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another East Coast Road Production