Educational Opportunities

The CofEQ has a high commitment to Global Education. Through the University of Convenience, Panama, it is possible to purchase degrees of all kinds, but especially, through the Noriega Institute, theological ones. Each degree is ratified by the Church Synod and comes with a beautifully personalised certificate in the name of the issuer of the cheque (or its designated representative).

UConPan (as it is affectionately known) is becoming known world wide for the quality of its certificates. Plans are afoot for opening another campus in Belize, another country renowned for its sound government and banking principles. The University of Convenience, Belize (UConBel) will have trustees drawn from the very highest echelons of UK dignity.

As mentioned under Financial Services, the Church has introduced franchise schemes for the benefit of its Parishioners and graduates from UConPan. Many parts of the world have yet to be graced with a CofEQ functionary. If you are looking for a sound business opportunity as well as spiritual well-being, why not ask about CofEQ "Distance Learning" and "Authorised Franchise Schemes". Initial investments start at 100 for Lay Preacher status, ranging to a full Bishopric for investments ranging from 100,000 (depending upon region and guaranteed exclusive catchment area). Prices include distance learning packages leading to full theological Degrees issued by the Convenience University of Panama.

For more information, do not hesitate to email.