CofEQ Celebrity WorldView Workshops

 Many of today's celebrities arrive at their celebrity status without a clue.  This is an unfortunate by-product of modern living.  Celebrity requires a fairly substantial amount of vacuousness in order to be of use to the manipulators of market and media. It is not surprising, therefore, that celebrities often find themselves out of their depth when asked to comment upon  anything other than fashion or pop music.

The Church is sensitive to the needs of wealthy celebrities in this predicament.  For a modest fee (all proceeds go to the Church Dignity Enhancement Fund) a series of conversational workshops can be organised for individuals or  individuals and their immediate circle of close hangers on. 


 Celebrity Signup  

If you are a celebrity of note and would like to engage a dignitary from the Church of the Eternal Question to assist you in developing your world view and your conversational skills, please click on the email box below. Your request will be considered in due course (along with the many others we receive) by the Church Celebrity Assessment Panel and a response sent back to you as quickly as possible.