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The Church of the Eternal Question (CofEQ) was founded many years ago by Bishop Pricque and Pastor Knack - arising out of discussions with Messrs Tuck and Hood. The founders, with the inclusion of Mr Tuck, became trustees and official Founding Fathers as the Church came into pragmatic being. 

The Church struggled along for a time but was, quite frankly, losing money. When the Founding Fathers called in Ian Greejier & Associates (consultants to the rich and powerful), things began to look up. Greejier Associates recommended calling in their favourite accountants, Coopers Lieback & Enjoyit who, with their knowledge of tax avoidance and not a few Cabinet Ministers, managed to bring a sense of optimism to  Church finances. Cashflow improved. Profitability climbed. The liquidity ratio was brought to a manageable level. In particular, the offshore facilities available to the larger Church fundholders were refined and made significantly more attractive (largely through the simple expedient of assuring absolute confidentiality through the ingenious use of a range of intricately "non-connected" third world based holding companies). 

However something was still lacking..... A corporate image. Greejier Associates recommended another firm of accountants well known to themselves and a variety of Cabinet Ministers - Price Whataripoff. These excellent charlatans were brought in (at considerable expense - although this was written off against profits before tax) and they suggested a number of improvements. 

The Church now has a marketing division (MKD), a Spirital Guidance Division (SGD), and a Financial Services Division (FSD) (oh yes, and a Research & Development Department). This web site, the CofEQ Prayerbook (order via e-mail), and a variety of brochures and leaflets were the result of many months (and not a few executive lunches) brainstorming and synthesis on the parts of both the MKD and the SGD. Not wishing to be left out, the FSD decided to make a contribution. This included a brief outline of what the FSD can do for you, the ordinary Parishioner and which is posted elsewhere on this site. Below are examples of some of the Church foreign holdings. Timeshare schemes are being looked into as a means of improving CofEQ profitability.





 The Bishopric of Malaga


 The Bishopric of Limoux

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